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Spacecraft Telecommand Products

Our software Shell packages are components for developing telecommand and telemetry systems supporting CCSDS, ESA and ECSS standards and recommendations. They have been used in many operational space applications.

All our Shell packages are available immediately. Please contact us for information on technical details or licensing conditions for any of our products.

Telecommand products

Two Shells support spacecraft telecommand, including the TC Space Data Link Protocol, the Communications Operation Procedure-1 (COP-1) and the channel coding (BCH code):

The Telecommand Encoder Shell implements the ground-based parts of a telecommand system and the Telecommand Decoder Shell implements the corresponding space parts of a system.

In earlier CCSDS and ESA standards, the TC Space Data Link Protocol was called Packet Telecommand.

Telecommand security

We currently provide support for two types of telecommand security:

Security options:

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