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Operational Applications

Customers for our software products include space agencies, major space industry contractors, and space industry suppliers.

The first operational use of one of our software products was for the STRV-1A and STRV-1B spacecraft launched in 1994.  Since then our products have been used in many further operational applications.

Ground testing applications of the Telecommand Encoder Shell include:

The Telecommand Encoder Shell is used for commanding or ground testing for other space missions around the world.  It is built into telecommand products of space industry companies in Europe and the USA.

The Telecommand Decoder Shell has been used by ESA for spacecraft simulators and for self-testing facilities in groundstation telecommand encoders. It is built into operational systems in the USA and Asia.

Our software to support ESA Telecommand Authentication is used by customers in Europe and Asia. A European space industry company is using our Telecommand Encoder and Decoder Shells with the Segment Level Security Interface.

The Telemetry Decoder Shell is used in systems in Asia and the Americas.

The four telecommand and telemetry Shells (Telecommand Encoder and Decoder Shells / Telemetry Encoder and Decoder Shells) have been used as part of our in-house simulator to study the behaviour of new and revised CCSDS protocols.

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