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Authentication Unit Shell

The Authentication Unit Shell package is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software component which implements all the features of the ground and space ends of the ESA Telecommand Authentication Unit (AU).  The Shell:

Actions of Authentication Unit Shell

The Authentication Unit Shell is a software component.  It contains the complexity of the authentication process and presents only simple interfaces.  This makes it easy to integrate into any system that requires authentication facilities, such as:

An instance of the Authentication Unit Shell supports a single Authentication Unit, either in space or on the ground.  If the spacecraft has multiple Virtual Channels, then each Virtual Channel has its own Authentication Unit.  An executable program may have multiple instances of the Shell.

Security alternatives to the Authentication Unit Shell

We also provide support for the ESA Telecommand Authentication Unit as an option for our Telecommand Encoder Shell and Telecommand Decoder Shell packages.

As an alternative to the ESA AU, our telecommand product range includes the Segment Level Security Interface (SLSI), which is an interface for external implementation of security features such as authentication.

Please contact us for further information on technical questions or licensing conditions for our Authentication Unit software packages.

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