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Privacy Statement

The purpose of this page is to inform you about how this website processes the data which the browser software on your computer sends to our server software of the website in order for you to read pages on this website.

Who we are

The website at www.delandelong.com is owned by

I B + M A de Lande Long
Software + Consultancy
Im Weingarten 13
64342 Seeheim


contact1 @ delandelong.com

If you have any questions about this privacy statement please get in touch.

Privacy policy

The website is designed to let you read about our products. But while you are reading the pages, we are not interested in who you are. We make no effort to identify you.

We classify all the data your browser sends to the server as browser data. We seek to minimise the amount of browser data stored and processed by the server.

Data protection laws

The website is primarily intended for use by industrial organisations world-wide. And it is addressed to people who read English.

We seek to follow all applicable data protection laws.

People reading the information on the website are protected by the laws of their own country. For example, in the European Union, the EU data protection laws apply. In Germany, these laws are called DSVGO.

The data protection laws give you various protections on the processing a web server is allowed to perform on the data sent by your browser.

Data protection laws seek to regulate how personally identifiable data is stored and processed. The only data processed by this web server which is classified as personally identifiable data is the IP address the browser sends to the server.

Data your browser sends

The data your browser sends is classified as either primary data or secondary data.

Server processing of the data

Primary data: The web server software uses the IP address of your browser as the destination on the internet to which it sends the pages. The server stores the primary data in log files.

Secondary data: In order for you to read the pages of the website, there is no need for the browser to send any secondary data to the server. The server stores the secondary data in log files.

Log files

The purpose of the log files is to protect the web server (for example, from misuse) and to report any problems with the structure of the website (for example, missing pages).

From time to time the server processes the log files in order to generate statistical reports about the website.

The server stores log files for up to one week and then deletes them.

Statistical reports

The server stores various statistical reports. The reports may be classified as those which contain IP addresses and those which do not.

The server stores statistical reports which contain IP addresses for up to one week and then deletes them. This means that the IP address of your browser is not stored by the server for more than one week.

The statistical reports which do not contain IP addresses are not deleted.

Data processing the server does not perform

The server does not send cookies to your browser.

The server does not try to track your internet activity on different sites.

The server does not link to any social media sites.

We do not pass the data the browser sends to the server to any other organisation. (The only exception could be for law enforcement agencies as described below.)

We do not try to identify you from the IP address your browser sends to the server.

Law enforcement agencies

Certain law enforcement agencies may legitimately require us to supply to them the data the browser sends to the server. Such agencies may be able to identify you personally by using the IP address sent by the browser to the server.

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