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List of abbreviations

   AIT  -  Assembly Integration and Testing
   AOS  -  Advanced Orbiting Systems
   API  -  Application Programming Interface
   ARQ  -  automatic repeat request (for retransmission, in a protocol)
   AU  -  Authentication Unit
   BCH  -  Bose-Chaudhuri-Hocquenghem (error correction code)
   BIF  -  Built-In-Failure
   CADU  -  Channel Access Data Unit
   CCSDS  -  Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems
   CFDP  -  CCSDS File Delivery Protocol
   CLCW  -  Communications Link Control Word (was Command Link Control Word)
   CLTU  -  Communications Link Transmission Unit (was Command Link Transmission Unit)
   COP  -  Communications Operation Procedure (was Command Operation Procedure)
   COPM  -  COP management (service)
   COTS  -  commercial off-the-shelf (product)
   CPN  -  CCSDS Principal Network
   CRC  -  cyclic redundancy check (error detection code)
   CVCDU  -  Coded Virtual Channel Data Unit
   ECSS  -  European Cooperation for Space Standardization
   EGSE  -  Electrical Ground Support Equipment
   ESA  -  European Space Agency
   FARM  -  Frame Acceptance and Reporting Mechanism
   FIFO  -  first in, first out (queue)
   FOP  -  Frame Operation Procedure
   FSH  -  Frame Secondary Header
   ID  -  identifier
   IP  -  Internet Protocol (as in IPv4 and IPv6)
   JPL  -  Jet Propulsion Laboratory
   LAC  -  Logical Authentication Channel
   MAP  -  Multiplexer Access Point
   MAPA  -  MAP Access (service)
   MAPP  -  MAP Packet (service)
   MAP-SDU  -  MAP Access Service Data Unit
   MCF  -  Master Channel Frame (service)
   MC-FSH  -  Master Channel Frame Secondary Header
   MC-OCF  -  Master Channel Operational Control Field
   OCF  -  Operational Control Field
   PSS  -  (reference for ESA standards)
   PVN  -  Packet Version Number
   SANA  -  Space Assigned Numbers Authority
   SCID  -  spacecraft identifier
   SDLS  -  Space Data Link Security
   SDU  -  Service Data Unit
   SLAP  -  Space Link ARQ Procedure
   SLS  -  Space Link Subnetwork
   SLSI  -  Segment Level Security Interface
   TC  -  telecommand
   TCP  -  Transmission Control Protocol (as in TCP/IP)
   TM  -  telemetry
   TTC  -  telemetry, tracking and command (or commanding or control)
   UDP  -  User Datagram Protocol
   VC  -  Virtual Channel
   VCA  -  Virtual Channel Access (service)
   VCA-SDU  -  Virtual Channel Access Service Data Unit
   VCDU  -  Virtual Channel Data Unit
   VCF  -  Virtual Channel Frame (service)
   VC-FSH  -  Virtual Channel Frame Secondary Header
   VCID  -  Virtual Channel identifier
   VC-OCF  -  Virtual Channel Operational Control Field
   VCP  -  Virtual Channel Packet (service)

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