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AOS space data links: Published standards

The Consultative Committee for Space Data Systems (CCSDS) publishes recommended standards for the AOS (Advanced Orbiting Systems) space data link for telemetry and telecommand. The standards define protocols, procedures and data structures, including the AOS Transfer Frame.

The current CCSDS documents can be downloaded from their website at http://public.ccsds.org/.  The CCSDS site also provides a link to the registry of the Space Assigned Numbers Authority.

Note: The AOS standards define the AOS Space Data Link Protocol for handling AOS Transfer Frames (Version-2 Transfer Frames). The telemetry standards define the TM Space Data Link Protocol for handling TM Transfer Frames (Version-1 Transfer Frames).

CCSDS recommended standards for AOS data links

plus related standards:

CCSDS original recommendations for AOS data links

The CCSDS original recommendations for AOS are now obsolete (silver status). They had a wider scope than the current standards.

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