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AOS Decoder Shell

The AOS Decoder Shell package is a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software component which implements the receiving end of an Advanced Orbiting Systems (AOS) Space Data Link.

AOS Decoder Shell ground-based application

It gives access through an API (Application Programming Interface) to the AOS services using calls in ANSI-C. It is highly portable and easy to incorporate into different software systems, such as ground-based or on-board AOS decoders and spacecraft simulators. 

AOS Decoder Shell on-board application

The AOS Decoder Shell processes AOS transfer frames. The frames are the Version-2 frames defined for the AOS Space Data Link Protocol. (Our Telemetry Decoder Shell processes the Version-1 frames defined for the TM Space Data Link Protocol, also known as Packet Telemetry.)

The AOS Decoder Shell delivers data transferred on the following services:

The services are defined in the AOS standards. There are more details about AOS and its services in the AOS features page.

Please contact us for further information on technical questions or licensing conditions for the AOS Decoder Shell package.

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