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Telecommand Encoder Shell on STRV Mission

The Telecommand Encoder Shell has been operational software since June 1994 when the STRV-1A and STRV-1B spacecraft were launched into geostationary transfer orbit by an Ariane 44LP.

The Space Technology Research Vehicles-1A and -1B were small (50kg), low-cost research spacecraft to investigate in-orbit performance of new space technologies (radiation damage to components, alleviation of electrostatic charging, corrosion, new materials). These technologies were aimed at improving the performance, lifetime and overall cost-effectiveness of future space missions. STRV was developed by the Space and Communications Department of the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency (DERA), Farnborough, UK. Both spacecraft were in operation until 1998.

STRV-1A and -1B implemented CCSDS Packet Telecommand and Packet Telemetry standards. Space Technology Systems Limited (STS) was the contractor to DERA for development of the ground data processing equipment, consisting of a number of personal computers. The processing included the support for Packet Telecommand.

STS used the Telecommand Encoder Shell package supplied by I.B.+ M.A. de Lande Long Software and Consultancy.

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