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Telemetry Decoder Shell package: Detailed description

Software Interfaces

The Telemetry Decoder Shell is a software package, designed to be built into a software system for a telemetry application. The part of the software system which lies outside the Shell is called the Telemetry Decoder Environment. The API (Application Programming Interface) consists of function calls between the Environment and the Telemetry Decoder Shell.

Telemetry interfaces

There are telemetry interfaces in the API, shown by left-to-right arrows in the diagram. The Environment calls the Shell to pass telemetry transfer frames to the Shell.

The Shell calls the Environment to:

Telemetry Decoder Shell software i/f

Management interfaces

There are management interfaces in the API, shown by downwards arrows in the diagram. The Environment calls the Shell to:

The Shell calls the Environment for storage allocation and for the optional logging of messages.

Telemetry Decoder Shell package

The Telemetry Decoder Shell package consists of:

The Telemetry Decoder Shell supports the telemetry features.

A telemetry system built with this package is likely to cost very much less than independent development of an equivalent capability. Licensing and support may be negotiated according to requirements.

The Telemetry Decoder Shell code is written in ANSI/ISO 9899-1990 C and is highly modular and easy to maintain. The code makes no calls to the operating system run-time libraries and it is therefore easily portable to different computer architectures. The code has been compiled by several independent ANSI C compilers and the demonstration program produces identical results in each case.

Please contact us for further information on technical questions or licensing conditions for the Telemetry Decoder Shell package.

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